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Does Cuba take the title?

Where’s the best place you’ve visited? One of life’s most difficult questions. I’m only twenty-one, so my list of places I’ve traveled to isn’t exactly impressive, but I’ve at least made an effort to get out and about as much as possible. Such a simple question sends countless memories through my head, and attempting to decipher “the best” is near on impossible. I have no preference with the trips I take. I love visiting warm countries for relaxation (but not the beach because sand makes my skin crawl), I love city breaks, I love trips infused with history, and I love trips to the tallest mountains.

Whilst the likes of Asia and South America are untouched by myself (for now), I’ve had plenty of trips elsewhere, from big cities such as New York and Prague, to small island getaways such as Cuba and Cyprus. I’ve walked gems within the UK, Portugal and Spain from popular tourist hills to mountains left practically undiscovered and scattered in Iberian Wolf tracks. When organising my trips away for a given year, I’m sure to include all of these for the best travelling experience.

If I had to choose right at this moment, Cuba would be the clear winner. However if you’re anything like myself, this is not determined by the quality of the beach. Unfortunately, I despise not only sand, but sea water as well. I almost think this would take all the enjoyment out of a beach break if I didn’t enjoy the experience of being somewhere new and exciting. Obviously due to Cuba’s location in the Caribbean, the turquoise sea and white sands are enough to entice anybody.  For me, Cuba was magnificent just for being Cuba. Being there is a whole new take on how you view history, reading about the 1950s is a largely different to physically stepping into it. Cuba is a mix of everything that I love. Okay, there weren’t many hills to climb, not that I’d really fancy it in the 40 degree tropical climate, but the country is bursting with history that is apparent just from walking out the door. Havana is situated not far down the road,  with its grand architecture and old american cars patrolling the streets, there’s no wonder that Old Habana is considered a World Heritage Site. If history isn’t necessarily for you – there’s plenty of other activities to do. From visiting rum factories (and buying the best rum in the world for a mere £4), to swimming with dolphins and snorkelling with vibrant fish out on the reef.

A valley en route to Havana – well worth stopping and viewing for an hour.
Does the crystal clear water win your heart?

Although this ultimately answers the question to begin with, perhaps a more realistic answer would be “who knows?”. The memories I made in Cuba are something I’ll cherish for a lifetime, but who’s to say the next place won’t be just as exhilarating. There’s nothing more exciting than stepping fresh off a plane, ready to take on what’s in store for the next week or two. If you were to ask yourself  “Where’s the best place you’ve visited?”, what would you say?


7 thoughts on “Does Cuba take the title?”

  1. Hi there! “What’s the best place you visited” is a tough question:)) The place you are visiting right now is the best, or at least you should try to make it the best…There’s the same feeling with the next one and so on…right? 🙂 Cheers!

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  2. I’m delighted now that the door is opening for U.S. citizens to legally visit Cuba, a place I’ve always hoped to see. Thanks for the look, and thank you for visiting Under Western Skies.

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  3. That is so awesome you got to go to Cuba. It is on my bucket list to go there before it gets touristy. In the U.S., you have to visit through an educational program or for 11 other visa reasons. One day it will happen for me 😃.

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