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My September Fitness Goals

How on earth has another month gone by already? Over the past two months I’ve pretty much lacked fitness motivation. I’ve been going to the gym, but my heart certainly wasn’t in it and thus I haven’t exactly managed to progress at all. With exercise, I find it’s crucial to make it fun as if I’m not enjoying it I’ll crash out early. My September Fitness Goals will obviously have the primarily aim of becoming fitter and hopefully losing some weight in the progress, but most importantly I want to make it a fun and enjoyable experience so I don’t give up early on!

Running 15-20 miles per week

As it stands, I probably only run about 10 miles per week. Don’t get me wrong, I do an awful lot of walking at around 60 miles a week but I’d love to improve my stamina when it comes to running. Recently, I have begun taking my running outdoors instead of the dreaded gym treadmill, and just by doing this I’ve found I the enjoy the activity much more and suddenly I can run four miles effortlessly. With this, I plan on exploring new areas near me, possibly incorporating some slight hill runs. There are so many places to run and whilst it is easy to just get your trainers on and run out the door, there’s nothing stopping you from driving twenty minutes down the road to explore a new area and see some alternative scenery. Another thing I hope to tackle this month is a Tough Mudder run. Luckily, I’ve managed to nab some free tickets for this, but there should be various cheaper options in your area if you don’t fancy splashing the money on running whilst being caked in mud. I’d always considered completing one of the mud runs, but 5 miles with obstacles always seemed too tough for me to contemplate. I’ve since realised that trying is what counts the most, not being able to run the entire muddy 5 miles is irrelevant because it will still be a fun day out regardless!

Young woman running in wood, training and exercising for trail r

A new hill every other weekend

Admittedly, I used to hate walking up hills. I never understood the point of doing it when walking on flat ground was far more pleasurable. Since my boyfriend and I visited the Lake District around a month ago, we’ve been making the effort to tackle local hills in each of our surrounding areas. Obviously these are nowhere near the size of the Lake District mountains, but at a sizable 300-500m, there is at least some challenge involved and the views are still breathtaking. I’m lucky to only have the Snowdonia National Park 45 minutes down the road from me (I guess living next to Wales can be a positive sometimes!), therefore soon we’ll be extending our walking to there, and hopefully we may tackle Snowdonia by the end of the year!


To average 100,000 steps per week

I usually manage to average around 90,000 steps per week (just) so I’m going to make the attempt to push an extra 10,000 over the course of seven days. This only averages at around 14,500 steps per day, but when you have a sedentary office and driving job, reaching 10,000 alone can sometimes feel like a mammoth task! Weekends being weekends, I usually like to chill out and relax from the working week, but throughout September I will be utilising my weekends more to push up my step goals, aiming to achieve 20,000 steps on each day through extending my running distances and going on long walks in the late afternoons.

I’ve decided to only give myself three main goals this month as it’s important to make your goals achievable. Hopefully this post may provide some of you with ideas to make your own little goals, as personally I always feel inspired reading what others are up to as it gives me fresh new ideas that I want to try out myself!

I’d love to hear what your fitness goals are this month, so feel free to comment below!

Love Amie

6 thoughts on “My September Fitness Goals”

  1. Thanks for sharing your fitness goals, Amie. The great outdoors is a wonderful place to exercise, including here in Melbourne, Australia where I live. I must admit, however, that I like a good group fitness class at the gym. I’ve always been motivated to exercise but I do enjoy the buzz that comes from exercising with a group. When I travel, however, I do rely on power walks and jogging – and is one of the best ways to explore where you are staying. Enjoy your steps!

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  2. Great fitness goals! I’d love to hear about your Tough Mudder experience! It was something I considered trying this summer too!


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