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Palmer’s Hand, Facial and Hair Product Reviews

A few weeks ago, I received a parcel from the lovely Palmer’s team which contained lots of beautiful products to try. I love the Palmer’s brand and swear by their body lotions, so was super excited to be given the chance to try a mish-mash of products I’d not had the opportunity to pick up. Given by how fantastic their body lotions are, I was curious to as whether their other products would live up to expectations. Here’s how I got on:

The bundle of products that I received from Palmers

Coconut Oil Hand Cream

Right from the first time I tried this, I knew this would be one of my favourite products. I LOVE hand creams. I use hand creams a ridiculous amount of times throughout the day because I hate dry-feeling hands. Now, I’m going to make an out-there statement and say that this is the best hand cream I’ve ever used.

Coconut Oil Hand Cream – my favourite product

To start with, this cream contains three different oils; coconut oil, Tahitian monoi oil and sweet almost oil, each of which has unique benefits. I found this bottle the perfect size to carry around. It’s a 60g bottle, but can easily fit in the smallest of bags or even a pocket if you wanted. The texture of this product is what I loved the most. It was the perfect thickness. Often hand creams can be quite watery and I feel like they don’t really absorb into my hands, but this was fantastic! It’s quite a thick cream where a little spreads quite far, and it’s certainly not greasy so absorbs into your hands within a couple of minutes. After applying this, my hands remained soft and well-moistured for a good few hours (whenever I wash my hands I have to re-apply as my hands become ridiculously dry), although the bottle states this can last up to 24 hours. The standard price of this cream is around £2.99, therefore falling into a similar price league as your other brands, however keep your eye out for offers because Palmer’s products are often 1/3 off, where you can buy this for a much lower £1.80. I loved this product so much that when my original bottle came close to running out, I went straight out and purchased this because I don’t think I can be without it now!

Coconut Oil Shampoo & Deep Treatment Hair Mask

Until now, I was unaware that Palmer’s had ventured into hair care. I’m going to review these together because I had similar thoughts on both. To cut to the chase, I honestly didn’t see a difference after I’d used these products, but then again, I had expected this. If you’ve seen my other posts, you’ll know I struggle with my hair, it’s thick and stubborn and does not easily co-operate with hair products! I used this shampoo until the end with a combination of different conditioners, hoping to see some success, but other than the fact my hair smelt nice, it still felt the same. I used the deep treatment mask as suggested and let it soak into my hair for around 15 minutes, but definitely could not see the benefits. Whether it’s my hair, or the products, I think I’ll stick to treating my hair with coconut oil for now!

Facial Oils

I received two different types of oil, one a facial cleaning oil that aimed to maintain the skin’s moisture balance, and the other a perfecting facial oil which prevents signs of ageing and keeps skin radiant and healthy. The first oil I mentioned comes in a larger bottle of 192ml and is used either when showering or after dampening your face. I used this product around two-three times per week after using face wash and exfoliating. I’d apply this into my hands and rub onto my face in circular motions, and then would slightly wet my hands and work this into a lather before washing off. The benefits of this product can be felt instantly and it gives you such soft skin! I loved using this product in the morning prior to work because it made me feel awake and fresh. I’d apply moisturiser after getting out the shower and then follow with my standard make-up routine.

Of the two facial oils, I did prefer the second product which was the perfecting facial oil, and I do think I will be picking up another of these once this one runs out. This oil comes in a much smaller bottle of 30ml, but a little goes a long way, oh and did I mention it smells beautiful?! I use this oil at night before bed to allow it to soak into my skin overnight. This oil is much thicker than the previous, and you do not wash it off with water. I’ve been using this around four times per week (I’d use it seven days a week if I didn’t keep forgetting), and use three drops each time. Considering I’ve been using this for around three weeks now, I’m surprised about how the bottle has hardly gone down. Of all the products used, I’d say this firmly took spot number two for me. I’ve noticed that my skin looks far healthier since using this, and it looks bright, glowing and hydrated each morning, so much so that I’ve ventured out numerous times without bothering with make-up! Usually my skin can be prone to oiliness, so I was worried to use this at first, but so far I’ve found no issues with this. I can’t really comment on the anti-ageing qualities of this since I’m only 22, but from what I gather from online reviews, this seems to do a pretty good job.. so I’ll let you know in ten years time if it really works!

facial oil
Palmers Perfecting Facial Oil – one of the winners from the review

Enzyme Mask

Before I give the enzyme mask just an average review, I’m just going to say that I’m not one for using facial masks full stop, I’ve honestly never seen the benefit of them. Palmer’s states that the enzyme mask works to detoxify skin, creating a brighter and clearer complexion with the aid of kaolin clay and natural papaya fruit acids. I’ve used this probably around four times since receiving the product. The product itself is easy to use, simply apply this to your face, put your feet up and wait ten minutes, or until the product has dried, and then wash off with hot water. After using this a few times, I do notice that my skin is instantly smoother upon washing the product off and it causes no irritation (always a bonus). However, for me the long-term benefits of the mask weren’t there. Facial redness plagues me and I noticed that every time I used this, the redness had returned within the day. Again this product smells nice, and the bottle lasts a long time, however this is not a product I will be picking up once I finish the bottle.

Facial Scrub

Palmer’s exfoliating facial scrub uses the natural exfoliants of crushed walnut shells and cocoa powder to give your skin a healthy glow, without the use of parabens and phthalates. Like many others, the skin on my face can be quite sensitive, so I usually avoid facial exfoliation as it irritates my skin for hours afterwards. Many of the exfoliating scrubs I’ve used in the past have been quite harsh, however I found this one to be pleasantly gentle and for the first time ever, my face wasn’t bright red after I’d finished exfoliating. This worked as it stated it would, my skin felt soft after use so it had done a good job at removing dead skin particles. I also began using this on my chest area. As I go to the gym everyday, sometimes I can get a build-up of oily skin which results in spot break-ups. I found that after exfoliating this area for a couple of days that the break-out area cleared up completely. I don’t tend to experience break-outs or minor spots on my face, so I decided to use this one-two times per week on my face, although I was tempted to use this more often as the chocolate smell is divine! Overall, this was a great facial scrub. I wouldn’t necessarily say it was ‘micro-fine’ as some of the particles were larger in size, and some even blocked the tube momentarily, however despite this, it is one of the better facial scrubs that I’ve used and I would consider purchasing.

Exfoliating Facial Scrub

There we have it! Ultimately, I’m pleased I had the opportunity to test these products, as I’ve now got a couple of firm favourites that will have a place in my beauty routine for a long time. Despite the fact that some of these products didn’t necessarily work for me, others may not see the same downfalls, so I’d love to hear if you’ve had a different experience with any of these products. One thing I like about the Palmer’s brand is the affordable pricing. Although its slightly more expensive than other drugstore brands, I think the quality of product is worth more, and as observed with many of the products above, a little goes a long way, also, I think it’s worth paying an extra few pounds purely for the amazing smell! I hope my review and recommendations helps you with deciding what to try because there really are some fantastic products in this range!


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