About Me

Hello! I’m Amie.

You may soon realise that I love a lot of things. It’s hard to pick a favourite, hence why I write about beauty, fitness and travel on my blog! I started my blog earlier this year with a view to help others, whether that is through product reviews and recommending my favourites, motivating others to kick-starting their exercise plans or inspiring the un-inspired.

Firstly, here’s a little about me. I’m 22 years old and currently live in an idyllic Shropshire town in England. Prior to this, I’d spent three years residing in Liverpool (the UK’s best city) undertaking a degree in Physical Geography. Now, like many others, I’m stuck in that monotonous 9-5 grind just trying to scrape the pennies together to enjoy the things I love.

Fisherman's Bastion Budapest 2017
Fisherman’s Bastion

Beauty is probably my newest exploration. I mean I’ve always liked make-up and body products since I was around 16, but since I started reading blogs last year I just fell in love! I love how beauty gives you the chance to re-design yourself and improve your confidence, or draw works of art for the whole world to see. I must admit, I’ve definitely become an eye-shadow palette addict lately and certainly own more than I’d ever need to use, but with such a variation in eye shadow shades, you’ve jut got to own them all.. right?! On my blog you’ll catch various product reviews, make-up looks and make-up essentials you’ll need for travelling!

Fitness on the other hand is something I’ve religiously followed for the last four years, and prior to this I enjoyed the likes of team-sports such as Netball and Hockey. At one point in my life, I was overweight and unhappy, and exercise helped push me out of the rut and into a new stage in my life where I was happy, care-free and literally felt on top of the world.  If I could motivate just one person into feeling the same, and get on top of an exercise regime, I will have succeeded! Exercise tips, exercise plans and how you can explore new places with fitness will regularly feature on my blog, so if this is something that interests you, stay tuned!

Travel is always a favourite for everybody. Why? Nothing is more satisfying than the thrill of being somewhere new for the first time. Travel is something that anyone can learn to love, there’s so many fascinating places out there whether you like cities, hiking, beaches or unique scenes. I’ve found a way to combine all of my interests into travel, such as staying fit whilst travelling, or make-up looks depending where you’re visiting. I hope to inspire those who wouldn’t normally venture, to take their first steps to discover what they’ve been missing.



I hope you enjoy reading all about my personal experiences.

Amie x