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A day in the Lake District: Skiddaw

Seeing that it's now been nearly a month since my boyfriend and I went on our annual walking holiday, I thought I'd better get a move on and actually write a post about it before I forget. Like last year, we decided to complete the three-hour journey up to the Lake District, to a small… Continue reading A day in the Lake District: Skiddaw


Five quick tips for travelling with a 9-5 job

How do you make room for travel in a busy working-life schedule?There's annual leave I guess. In the UK we're considered lucky to get 28 days off per year, across many countries this is far less, but I can't be the only one left thinking that it just isn't enough to satisfy by inner travel… Continue reading Five quick tips for travelling with a 9-5 job

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One week with my Fitbit Blaze

I've been following the Fitbit craze since January of this year, and have loved every second of it. My poor Fitbit Charge HR had fallen victim to the standard problems of deep screen scratches, cracks running down the plastic and the band bubbling, basically in simple terms, it looked awful. Of course I was a… Continue reading One week with my Fitbit Blaze


Coconut Oil: My travel godsend

I guess this is more of a beauty (hair?) blog post, but it does fit into my travel theme ever so slightly - promise! For the past decade, I have truly suffered with my hair. It's thick, it's dry and it frizzes the second the temperature gets above fifteen degrees.  Blow-drying my hair is a… Continue reading Coconut Oil: My travel godsend

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Has illness killed your exercise motivation?

This is a bit of a long post, but a twitter user inspired me to write it, and as I wrote I had so many ideas that I couldn't leave out! They reached out asking how I would tackle increasing, and maintaining fitness levels with a syndrome called chronic fibromyalgia. Completely unheard of to me,… Continue reading Has illness killed your exercise motivation?

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The bucket list: Where will my next adventure take me?

It's no secret that I am continuously planning my next trip away. I use my 28 days per year annual leave from work very cautiously - I will never use a holiday if I don't intend to go somewhere, because wouldn't that just be a waste? With it now being over half way through the… Continue reading The bucket list: Where will my next adventure take me?

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Proving my tainted memories of South England wrong

When I think of holidays (or vacations if you're from the other side of the pond), I think of jetting off to hot European islands, splashing around in swimming pools and strolling around towns bursting with European culture. I have fond memories of these travels, they were my happiest childhood memories and personally, I struggle… Continue reading Proving my tainted memories of South England wrong

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Struggling to grow on Instagram?

Growing your presence on Instagram can feel like an uphill battle that never gets easier. You can put months and months of effort into your account, and never gain anything from it. I certainly felt this at the start, much like the majority of users. Around two years ago, I made the decision to try… Continue reading Struggling to grow on Instagram?

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How to Combine Fitness and Travel

Recently, I've found that trying to stay fitness motivated whilst travelling is one of life's biggest challenges, and no I'm not exaggerating. I love to exercise. I spend countless hours at the gym pretty much every day of the week, or whenever my busy work schedule allows me to. If I can't get to the… Continue reading How to Combine Fitness and Travel

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Does Cuba take the title?

Where’s the best place you’ve visited? One of life’s most difficult questions. I’m only twenty-one, so my list of places I’ve traveled to isn’t exactly impressive, but I’ve at least made an effort to get out and about as much as possible. Such a simple question sends countless memories through my head, and attempting to… Continue reading Does Cuba take the title?