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SmoothSkin Bare: Are IPL devices just a fad?

Over the past year, IPL devices have essentially blown up. A while back, I was clueless to what IPL devices even were and now I see them drowning my social media feed, local shops and TV adverts. If you haven't yet come across IPL devices, here is a quick explanation by SmoothSkin themselves: Now, back… Continue reading SmoothSkin Bare: Are IPL devices just a fad?


Coconut Oil: My travel godsend

I guess this is more of a beauty (hair?) blog post, but it does fit into my travel theme ever so slightly - promise! For the past decade, I have truly suffered with my hair. It's thick, it's dry and it frizzes the second the temperature gets above fifteen degrees.  Blow-drying my hair is a… Continue reading Coconut Oil: My travel godsend