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Palmer’s Hand, Facial and Hair Product Reviews

A few weeks ago, I received a parcel from the lovely Palmer's team which contained lots of beautiful products to try. I love the Palmer's brand and swear by their body lotions, so was super excited to be given the chance to try a mish-mash of products I'd not had the opportunity to pick up.… Continue reading Palmer’s Hand, Facial and Hair Product Reviews

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Grenade Product Reviews

Last week, I was lucky enough to be sent a bundle of Grenade goodies to try and test out. I'd always seen Grenade products sitting in fitness shops in their colour-popping wrapping and delicious sounding flavours, but had never got around to buying any, hence why I was beyond excited to receive this delivery! I'd… Continue reading Grenade Product Reviews

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One week with my Fitbit Blaze

I've been following the Fitbit craze since January of this year, and have loved every second of it. My poor Fitbit Charge HR had fallen victim to the standard problems of deep screen scratches, cracks running down the plastic and the band bubbling, basically in simple terms, it looked awful. Of course I was a… Continue reading One week with my Fitbit Blaze


Coconut Oil: My travel godsend

I guess this is more of a beauty (hair?) blog post, but it does fit into my travel theme ever so slightly - promise! For the past decade, I have truly suffered with my hair. It's thick, it's dry and it frizzes the second the temperature gets above fifteen degrees.  Blow-drying my hair is a… Continue reading Coconut Oil: My travel godsend